Canvas Tarps

Canvas Tarps

PTM offers canvas tarps in four different color choices. All canvas tarps are made using 10 Oz. cotton canvas fabric that is wax coated for a water repellent finish. Made in the USA, canvas tarps are cut, stitched, hemmed and sewn at the time of order. Each canvas tarp is sold as full finished sizes and includes standard 24” grommets spacing. PTM does accept custom size orders for canvas tarps. If you are interested in special sizing, please contact customer service at (866) 558-8277.


Please Note: ** Canvas Tarps are made to order and take up to 7-10 business days before shipping. Please Read Our Custom Tarp Policy Before Ordering. Canvas Tarps May Shrink or Stretch Over Time. They Are Made Of 100% Cotton.

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Canvas Tarp FAQ:

  1. Canvas material is fabricated with color dye and petroleum based waterproofing wax. It is not recommended to use cotton canvas tarps for boats, cars or any painted surface as the color may rub off and stain the surface.

  2. Canvas tarps are not designed to be used as trailer or hauling tarps. Canvas fabric does not have the tear strength to resist strong forces such as wind, especially wind encountered while in transit. It is highly recommended that a stronger material is used such as, 18 Oz. vinyl coated tarps.

  3. Canvas tarps should not be used for divider curtains, canopy tops or as canopy side walls. Canvas material is not strong enough for excessive pulling and tugging on the grommets or on the material itself. For applications that require excessive pulling or for replacement canopy applications, we recommend the vinyl or poly tarp material.

  4. Canvas tarps are not waterproof. The fabric is treated with a water repellent agent for temporary use in wet conditions. However, the canvas material does have a saturation point and will leak if left in continual contact with water, such as rain.

  5. Canvas tarps will have a strong petroleum odor when initially received. The odor is due to the water repellent treatment. Each canvas tarp is coated with a petroleum based wax that helps deflect water from the surface. After a few days of exposure to air the odor will start to dissipate. The odor is normal and expected.

  6. Canvas tarps may shrink or stretch over time. The material is made from 100% cotton and contains much of the same characteristics as a cotton T-Shirt. The amount of shrinkage is totally dependent on the current environmental conditions, such as weather, UV exposure and humidity.

  7. Canvas material should not be cleaned with regular household soaps or detergents. Household soap products may remove the water repellent treatment and cause excessive bleeding of the material. All canvas material should be cleaned with appropriate canvas cleaning agents.

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