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Canvas Tarps

PTM offers canvas tarps in four different colors in a variety of sizes. PTM’s canvas tarps are made using 10 Oz. high quality cotton canvas fabric that is wax coated for a water repellent finish. Our canvas tarps offer an excellent solution to protect and conceal your equipment while eliminating condensation. They are great for a variety of applications as PTM canvas tarps offer excellent strength and versatility. Made in the USA, canvas tarps are cut, stitched, hemmed and sewn at the time of order. Each canvas tarp is sold as full finished sizes and includes standard 24” grommets spacing. All our canvas tarps offer resistance against water, tear and mildew. They are an excellent coverage solution for various places including warehouses, garages and construction sites. PTM does accept custom size orders for canvas tarps. If you are interested in special sizing, please contact our customer service.

Please be advised that our canvas made using color dye and petroleum based waterproofing wax. Thus it should not be used as a cover on painted surfaces where the color may rub off and stain the surface such as boats and cars. Canvas tarps are not recommended to be used as hauling tarps since they do not have the tear strength to resist strong forces such as wind. Canvas tarps are also not recommended for canopy tops, canopy side walls, and divider curtains since the canvas material is not designed for excessive pulling and tugging on the grommets. Canvas tarps have water resistant properties but they are not water proof. The canvas material will eventually leak if left in continual contact with water. Canvas tarps is coated with a petroleum based wax and will have a strong petroleum odor when initially opened. The odor will eventually go away in about two days. Canvas tarps is made using 100% cotton, meaning it may shrink or stretch over time - dependent on the current weather conditions. Lastly, it is advised to clean the canvas tarps using only appropriate canvas cleaning agents. Household soap products may remove the water repellent treatment.

Please Note: ** Canvas Tarps are made to order and take up to 12-15 business days before shipping. Please Read Our Shipping & Returns Policy Before Ordering. Canvas Tarps May Shrink or Stretch Over Time. They Are Made Of 100% Cotton.