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30" Tent Stakes

Tent and canopy stakes are an important component of any tent or canopy set-up. Used properly, these stakes will ensure a stable and strong connection to the ground so your tent or canopy will stay in place no matter what the weather. At PTM Tarps, we carry a variety of these stakes at low prices with fast shipping so you can keep your tent or canopy anchored to the ground whatever the weather.

Tent and canopy stakes hold the canopy to the footpad to give your set-up sure footing, whether it's protecting people or possessions. A variety of stakes are available at PTM Tarps. These include traditional tent stakes that you hammer into ground at intervals around the tent to keep it dependably upright and stable. These are available in standard versions and also in heavy-duty versions with eye hooks.

For a really secure footing, consider the auger anchors available from PTM Tarps. As their name implies, these anchors auger, or drill, into the ground. The difference is like the difference between a screw and a nail. The auger anchor will give an even firmer footing than a hammered-in tent stake because it has been twisted into the ground and provides a grip that will be practically impossible for wind and other elements to uproot. PTM Tarps carries auger anchors that measure 1/2 inch by 30 inches by 3 inches and which will give solid support to your tent or canopy. These reusable products are strong and easy to use and provide incredible holding power.

If you have any questions about the auger anchors or other tent and canopy stakes available from PTM Tarps, just call us toll free or send us an email. We've been in the tarp business since 1979 and can give you expert advice that you can trust.

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