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5-Way Low-Peak Center Fittings

When people go to an event, they know to look for the tent, because some of the best things can be found underneath. Chances are high that the centerpiece of the event will be held there, whether it's food, entertainment or fantastic merchandise.

Because people will flock to the tent, it's important that event planners ensure that the frame is sturdy and rigid enough to handle the elements. Hopefully, the only thing that tent will have to do is provide shade, but sudden wind gusts can surprise people even on still days.

Our five-way low-peak center canopy fittings help you frame our durable, versatile canopy tents. These pipe canopy fittings create a canopy frame with a low peak perfect for offering shelter without added height. Some of the applications for such a canopy include protecting an outdoor work site from the elements, offering temporary shelter to a vehicle or a registration booth for an outdoor event. The peak is angled just high enough to channel away rain and resist wind.

Each fitting is made with galvanized steel for strength and corrosion resistance, and have been welded to handle as many poles as you need. Each extension is equipped with an eye bolt for extra security and stability. With these fittings, you can build a strong frame for whatever type of event you have in mind. We offer:

  • Fittings made from galvanized steel for resistance to rust.
  • Welded construction creates solid joiners for other canopy poles.
  • Available to accommodate four different pipe sizes, including ¾", 1", 1 3/8" and 1 5/8".
  • Eye bolts can be used for extra stability and security.
  • Angled extensions create a low-peak canopy perfect for dealing with events where low ceilings are recommended.

Since 1979, PTM Tarps has provided high-quality canopies and tents for event planners of all sorts, from amateurs charged with putting together a family reunion to professional planners organizing weddings, marathons, sales and more.

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