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Ball Bungee Ties

Shop our bargain prices on ball bungee tie from PTM to secure your tarps to canopy frames. We carry black, tan, red and white ball bungees in 6-inch, 9-inch, 11-inch and 13-inch lengths Ball bungee ties are used to secure a tarp to a canopy frame. They're available by the 50-count or 100-count bag. We also sell them by the case.

It takes just seconds to secure your tarp or canopy with a ball bungee tie. Insert each toggle ball through the grommet hole. Then wrap it around the frame and loop the length over the ball to stay in place.

Keep extra bungee ties on hand for everyday uses ranging from bundling firewood or tools to securing a gate that has a broken latch. Keep several in your car trunk to secure the car's trunk when transporting oversized equipment or boxes. It's easy to attach your holiday lights or decorations to fences and gates with bungee ties. Many home and business customers also use them to bundle extension cords and media cables.

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