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Black Mesh Construction Tarps

PTM's black mesh construction tarps are ideal for all construction projects. They allow for light entrance for daytime visibility on the jobsite and provide great resistant against the weather. Made of heavy duty, 6-ounce, 6 mil polypropylene material, they are super tear-resistant. Our all-purpose mesh construction tarps eliminate the wind's entrance into the construction site and keep debris from spreading out to the passersby.

While these black tarps may allow for a certain amount of light to pass through, their dark color makes quite difficult to see through. They are not transparent. Black mesh tarps still provide a certain amount of privacy and coverage.

They are ideal for industrial and commercial applications where foundation protection and temporary coverings are preferred. They are available in sizes ranging from 30' by 30' to 30' by 60' to accommodate a variety of needs.

You should also consider using one of these black tarps as a shading tarp in the summer. They provide significant protection from the summer sun and provide a mobile source of cooling. You'll notice a huge drop in temperature when you're shaded by one of these tarps. This is a great way to combat risks like heatstroke.

For maximum protection, each tarp has seamed, reinforced edges and grommets spaced every 18", for easy securing and installation. Choose black mesh construction tarps for your upcoming project.

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