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Save Money by Using Tarps for Christmas Tree Removal

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The best gift you could put under the Christmas tree this year doesn't need to be wrapped or monogrammed. Put a heavy-duty tarp underneath your tree to save yourself money, time and hassle when it's time for Christmas tree removal. PTM's heavy-duty tarps are laminated and treated to be waterproof and rot-proof - perfect for underneath O Tannenbaum. It has a dense, 12x14 weave count and 12-millimeter thickness, with heavy-duty rust resistant aluminum grommets spaced every 18 inches along all four of its sides. With rope-reinforced corners and edges, it is easy to wrap up even the sharpest branches and heaps of dry needles with no holes, breaks or mess. Slide a tarp under your tree stand after St. Nick has come and gone, or place a heavy-duty tarp underneath it from the start to make your Christmas tree cleanup a breeze. You can cover the tarp with a tree skirt, or really get into the Christmas spirit and choose a red, green or silver tarp. Say goodbye to useless Christmas tree removal bags - and to scratched walls and floors - and dispose of your Christmas tree with few supplies and no headaches. Simply unfold the heavy-duty tarp, cut off the branches with pruning shears and dispose of the trunk, then carry out the mess in one fell swoop. No needles in your socks or underfoot for the next three months. "Merry Christmas" to you.

Feeling playful? Use tarps to make the perfect slip and slide for your kids

Let your kids slip and slide their way into summer fun with a DIY Slip 'N Slide right in their own backyard. This is the easiest homemade waterslide you'll ever make, and the least expensive too. Spread a tarp on a slightly sloped stretch of grass and use your garden hose to keep a light [...]

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Use tarps when moving to protect your floors

Keep moving day calm when you plan ahead to protect your floors and your furniture with tarps. Tarps are the perfect low-cost solution for protecting your floors from scraping furniture or boxes and muddy boots traipsing back and forth. A durable poly tarp can easily cover a floor then get folded up and squeezed into [...]

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How to make the perfect shelter with just one tarp

You want to be prepared for anything without carrying everything. Using just one 10x10 tarp, anyone can construct a simple shelter that will provide protection from rain, wind and cold. To make an outdoor shelter using just a single poly tarp, stretch a cord tightly between two trees and drape your tarp overtop. Stake down [...]

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Protect your deck or garage from firewood dust and chips with tarps

Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful. That is, if you're not trying to burn damp, buggy wood and thinking about the trail of twigs, chips and dust covering your garage floor from bringing that uncovered wood into the house. When you're storing and stacking wood, protecting your deck or [...]

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Why a tarps is one thing you couldn't live without on a deserted island

Maybe you think you couldn't live without your crime novels, your chocolate bars or your spouse. But let's be practical. If you were really stuck on a desert island, you better hope you brought a tarp. A tarp is the Swiss Army Knife of household and outdoor items. It can act as a rain cover [...]

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Use tarps and portable garages to protect your car from snow and hail storms

From the snows of Quebec to the sunshine of Jacksonville, cars take a beating from the elements. The onslaught of hail, acid rain and UV is enough to make any car owner cringe year-round. Protect your car outdoors by using a rock solid portable garage that spares it from nature's onslaughts. PTM's portable garages ship [...]

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Safety First: Tie down tarps and canopies this fall!

When you've got a heavy duty tarp secured over the back of your truck beds, it might be easy to focus on keeping things out. But you also have to remember to keep things in. And an improperly secured tarp could lead you into a fall sense of security, something you may [...]

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Bags fill up and break so fast. Use tarps for proper lawn waste collection and disposal

Your yard takes a lot of work, and when you're planning a pruning it's smart to have a cleanup strategy. Branches, leaves, and grasses pile up fast and all that green waste needs to get recycled. Forget about using bags that fill up in an instant and break or tear just as fast. A tarp [...]

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Stay dry in the rain with tarps above and below your tent

There's nothing quite like camping: Going to sleep with the sound of cicadas and waking up to birdsong and sunlight. Zipping open your tent to welcome a stunning sunrise over the lake. Only one thing can ruin this natural beauty and the feeling of sweet escape: Waking up in a cold puddle of rainwater with [...]

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