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Best Tarps for Wholesale Orders

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At PTM Tarps, we know our customers love a bargain and we're guessing yours do too. That's why we make it easy for resellers to order our fantastic tarps, canopies and accessories at wholesale prices. Our wholesale tarps are great for resale or commercial use and our impressive discount means you can offer your customers an incredible deal while still turning a profit. Our wholesale customers save money on orders of tarps, canopies and accessories. Whether you're shopping for tarps to resell or tarps for commercial use, you'll find the tarps you want at great prices at PTM Tarps. Not sure which tarps are the best tarps for wholesale orders? Well, that will depend a lot on your individual business, but we're happy to offer some tips to help you make the right choice.

1) Analyze your market. The first step to placing the prefect wholesale order is to analyze your market. Know who you're selling to or at the very least, know what you're selling the most of. For example, if you sell hunting supplies, you may want to stock up on premium camouflage tents. Choose a waterproof variety to give your customers the most bang for your buck. If you're primary source of sales is in the business to business sector, you can't go wrong with one of our many heavy-duty tarps. Choose one with built-in grommets to help set your stock apart from the local big-box store.

In the end, your market is the biggest factor when determining which tarps are the best tarps for wholesale orders. For example, chemical-resistance may not matter to the average tarp buyer, but if you happen to be selling to laboratories and similar commercial businesses, this can be a great selling point and a product to consider. Think about who your target market is and which products they would want to buy.

2) Decide on a budget. Bigger is better, but not when it gets you into unrecoverable amounts of debt. Many businesses have failed because they've tried to get too big, too fast. If you already have a large operating budget and room to expand your offerings, that's fantastic. Pick up some tried and true tarps as well as a few specialty items to give your customers more variety. If your budget is small, stick to the niche products you know you can sell. Offer something unique that's hard to find in a typical retail store and create loyal customers that will keep coming back for more. The amount and variety of tarps that you will order will mostly depend on your budget.

3) Consider your store's average price-point. High-end stores need high-end products. If you're a reseller stocking a boutique or highly specialized store that brings in customers with deep pockets, you might want to look at mainly ordering higher end products. That means tarps with rust-resistant grommets, reinforced edges and all of the other bells and whistles that will make them attractive to those with the means to spend a little more. If your average sale is on the smaller side and most of your products are more affordable than they are durable, look for value-priced tarps that will serve a purpose, but will still be offered at an attractive price-point.

4) Consider ordering habits. If you're willing to reorder often, you may want to just stick with tarps that you know will move. Cheaper tarps will need to be reordered more often because they sell quicker. More expensive products are a little harder to sell and won't require as many reorders. You can always try mixing different tarps at different price points to see what works the best for you.

You should also consider your customer's ordering habits. Many tarp sellers find that different products sell better at different times of the year. A waterproof tarp will be a big seller during the spring or rainy season while a UV-resistant, camouflage tarp will do better in the fall when hunting season begins. Commercial-grade tarps are almost always in demand, but are slightly more popular in the warmer seasons. Canopies and tarps that won't freeze and that can be used to cover equipment or cars are always a best-seller in the winter months.

5) Stick with quality. At PTM Tarps, we only offer high-quality tarps that are designed to last. We don't carry disposable tarps or thin covers like the type you may find at your local big-box store. As a reseller, it's important to consider quality when placing a wholesale order. Fortunately, anything you choose from PTM Tarps will outperform your expectations.

The bottom line is that the best tarp to buy is the tarp you can sell. Use the wholesale discount at PTM Tarps to get premium products at discount products for resale purposes or for commercial use. Our low yearly purchase requirements make it easy for big or small sellers to offer competitive pricing on products their customers will love. Whether you order once a year or once a week, you'll find the tarps and accessories you need for less at PTM Tarps.

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