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Bags fill up and break so fast. Use tarps for proper lawn waste collection and disposal

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Your yard takes a lot of work, and when you're planning a pruning it's smart to have a cleanup strategy. Branches, leaves, and grasses pile up fast and all that green waste needs to get recycled. Forget about using bags that fill up in an instant and break or tear just as fast. A tarp can handle the sharp edges and thorns of your shrubs and the weight of a season-full of wet leaves too. Poly or canvas tarps will handle the job mightily, with rope-reinforced corners and durable, flexible fabric that make removal smooth. Reinforced corner guards provide even more pull resistance. PTM's tarps feature aluminum grommets that withstand the test of time and won't dislodge from the fabric, and their UV-resistant coating protects from deterioration in the sun. Pile it up, easily drag it all away, and return to that perfect landscaping of yours.

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