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How to make the perfect shelter with just one tarp

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You want to be prepared for anything without carrying everything. Using just one 10x10 tarp, anyone can construct a simple shelter that will provide protection from rain, wind and cold. To make an outdoor shelter using just a single poly tarp, stretch a cord tightly between two trees and drape your tarp overtop. Stake down the tarp with the evenly spaced rot-proof aluminum grommets to create a stable A-frame shelter you can count on. For a dry sleeping shelter, secure the bottom ends of the tarp together underneath you for a makeshift floor. If rain doesn't threaten, you can make the perfect shelter from the sun using just one tarp as well. Tie cord to each of the tarp's corners and use them as anchor points. With just one tarp enjoy 100 square feet of shade. For the best wind protection, turn a single tarp into a lean-to shelter by securing the tarp to the ground on the side the wind is blowing. Tie the two top corners with cord and in just minutes you have shelter from wind, sun or heat. PTM's poly tarps have corners reinforced with rope so you can pull, tug and secure over and over again.

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