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Protect your deck or garage from firewood dust and chips with tarps

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Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful. That is, if you're not trying to burn damp, buggy wood and thinking about the trail of twigs, chips and dust covering your garage floor from bringing that uncovered wood into the house. When you're storing and stacking wood, protecting your deck or garage is so simple and doesn't have to be expensive at all. Stack cut wood in stable piles on a dry surface like a tarp, which also protects your garage or deck floor from scrapes and debris. You could also use concrete blocks or treated 4x4s with a little space between each pile. Cover the piles of wood with overlapping pieces of tar paper and a waterproof tarp. Extend the tarp a bit past the wood to leave open space so your wood can completely dry out. PTM's waterproof tarps for firewood storage are rot, mold and mildew resistant and are ready to be tied or staked down with sturdy aluminum grommets placed evenly around all four sides. They are strong, lightweight and flexible - sturdy enough to keep the wind at bay and guarantee it won't break when you use it to carry wood inside. And after all, you might be stuck inside for quite a while.

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