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Safety First: Tie down tarps and canopies this fall!

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When you've got a heavy duty tarp secured over the back of your truck beds, it might be easy to focus on keeping things out. But you also have to remember to keep things in. And an improperly secured tarp could lead you into a fall sense of security, something you may only realize when it's too late and your truck's payload is flying out of your truck bed.

It's crucial to make sure that your tarp is properly secured, and not just in situations when you're hauling something in your truck. Tarp clamps and tie downs can be just as critical to keeping your goods safe as stake are to keeping your canopies in place. And the right stakes matter.

For smaller tent and popup shelters, a standard set of eye hook stakes should help ensure that you a strong wind doesn't pull up stakes before you're ready to do so yourself. Canopy stakes with augers can give you additional peace of mind with smaller tents and canopies, but they become almost necessary when you step up to bigger popup shelters.

Similar to the threads on a screw, augers help to strengthen tent stake by making them hard to pull out of the ground. So with a properly angled stake and a heavy duty auger, the safety and integrity of your canopies and will be just a few less things for you to have to worry about.

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