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Use tarps and portable garages to protect your car from snow and hail storms

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From the snows of Quebec to the sunshine of Jacksonville, cars take a beating from the elements. The onslaught of hail, acid rain and UV is enough to make any car owner cringe year-round. Protect your car outdoors by using a rock solid portable garage that spares it from nature's onslaughts. PTM's portable garages ship quickly and are available in a wide range of sizes from 8x12x8 to 30x30x15. Protect one car, two cars, or use the extra space for your tools and spare tires. Portable garages protect from rain, snow, wind, dust and damaging UV rays using waterproof polyethylene and chip, peel, rust and corrosion-resistant steel. The portable garage's steel frame is so strong and durable it can withstand 60 pounds of snow. Slip-fit connectors, bolted hardware and specialty tubing make this portable garage both incredibly stable and easy to take down yourself. Order a portable garage and receive all the hardware you need to set it up, along with step-by-step instructions.

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