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Use tarps when moving to protect your floors

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Keep moving day calm when you plan ahead to protect your floors and your furniture with tarps. Tarps are the perfect low-cost solution for protecting your floors from scraping furniture or boxes and muddy boots traipsing back and forth. A durable poly tarp can easily cover a floor then get folded up and squeezed into that last tiny pocket of space in your truck. Moving companies offer special floor coverings that will protect your floors but certainly not your wallet. If you're moving in the rain, keep those tarps on hand to cover up any furniture that has to sit outside while it waits to enter its new home. PTM poly tarps for moving are strong, dense and flexible, with a threaded interior that prevents tearing. They are available in sizes from 5x7 to an enormous 170x170 that will have your open floor plan covered. PTM tarps are waterproof and resistant to mold, mildew and rot so you can track mud all over them instead of your floors. They'll forgive you, and you'll still get your security deposit back.

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