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Why a tarps is one thing you couldn't live without on a deserted island

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Maybe you think you couldn't live without your crime novels, your chocolate bars or your spouse. But let's be practical. If you were really stuck on a desert island, you better hope you brought a tarp. A tarp is the Swiss Army Knife of household and outdoor items. It can act as a rain cover when tropical storms roll in or a sun cover to protect you from the glaring rays. A colorful tarp can help attract attention if you need help (or a camouflaged one might help you blend in while you wait to catch your next meal with your bare hands.) A tarp can be used in a survival situation to collect water to drink: Drape it over tree branches to catch rainwater or gather the condensation that forms on a tarp overnight. In a pinch, you can fill a tarp with leaves and use it as a sleeping bag. Did you collect branches or coconuts? Wrap them up in a tarp to easily carry your hard-won supplies without awkwardness or scratches - that's key when the nearest pharmacy is an ocean away. Other uses for a tarp abound so don't leave home, or the campsite, without it. If you can bring a crime novel too that would be really great.

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