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Blue Regular-Duty Tarps

Blue tarps by PTM are made of light-duty polyethylene laminated and treated for waterproofing, rot-proofing, and UV-protection. Our blue tarps are classified as regular-duty with its 08x08 mesh (weave) count and 6mil thickness, 4.5oz. per sq. yard (900 Denier) weight, and use of heavy-duty rust resistant aluminum grommets spaced every 36” along all four sides of each tarp. Blue tarps are used everywhere! They cover leaky rooftops, used as ground cover on paint sites, wrap furniture and objects in storage, used as protective shields on large construction sites, safeguard boats and cars when parked and not used for long stretches of time…the uses are endless. In fact, every household should have one in their tool bag in case they need a quick and cheap way of protecting or preventing damage to an area or object caused by water or even the passage of time. Because blue tarps are light-duty, they should be used for temporary fixes. For a more lasting alternative, please refer to either the heavy-duty or super heavy-duty tarps.

*Note: ALL tarps are 4-6” shorter by length and width than the stated cut size.

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