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Camouflage Medium-Duty Tarps

If you enjoy outdoors activity or if you're just looking for a tarp covering that is low profile and won't draw attention, you're an ideal candidate for a camo tarp. Camo tarps feature mottled, muted colors, such as tan and brown camo tarps, that blend into practically any background. Once Army camouflage tarps were used just for military purposes, but camo tarps have caught on in a big way with the general public. At PTM Tarps, we offer a big selection of camouflage medium-duty tarps at prices that won't kill your budget.

Made with a 10-by-10 mesh weave count with a thickness of 8 mils and a weight of 4.8 ounces per square yard, our camouflage tarps are classified as medium duty and perfect for dozens of jobs around your home or business or in the field. These medium-duty polyethylene tarps are plenty tough for most jobs, and they've been laminated and treated to be waterproof and rot proof and to provide protection against the sun's damaging UV rays.

Rope-reinforced edges and corners help keep these tarps from fraying and also add extra support where it's needed most. Heavy-duty rust-resistant aluminum grommets are spaced 36 inches apart, giving you lots of options when you want to tie down or attach your tarp to a frame, to a tree or to something you want to cover and protect.

These tarps are perfect for hunting trips, camping trips and fishing trips, but you'll also find dozens of uses for them around your home or business. They're so light and inexpensive that you might even want to take one along in your car or truck for emergencies. We carry these tarps in a wide range of sizes running from 6 feet by 8 feet to 40 feet by 40 feet so you can find the camo tarp that exactly suits your needs.

*Note: ALL tarps are 4-6” shorter by length and width than the stated cut size.

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