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Canopy Fittings & Pipe

Are you surprised that you have to buy more fittings before replacing your canopy? We're not. Ever since PTM Tarps started in 1979, we've watched customers scoop up our fittings. At first, we got concerned about them wearing out too fast, but that wasn't the case at all.

The main reason we sell so many fittings is because you are an incredibly creative and resourceful group of customers.

Our canopies are so durable and versatile that our customers build different frames so they can use them in different ways throughout the year. A farmer, for instance, could use a canopy for sheltering some equipment during a rainy spell, then once the weather passes, use it to offer shade for livestock or as a shelter during a market.

Let our canopy frame replacement parts help you build a perfect use for your canopy. Our canopy fittings are made from galvanized steel and are equipped with tough welded connections for the poles that you need. We offer five different sizes of canopy pipe fittings to accommodate the thickness of pipe you want to use. And our variety of configurations let you build the structure you have in mind.

  • Configurations include double-corner, L-shape and many more.
  • Canopy fittings allow you to build a structure with a high peak or flat ceiling, or somewhere in between.
  • ¾" and 1" connectors can be used with EMT conduit poles; 1 3/8", 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" connectors can be used with chain link fence tubing.
  • Pipe lengths range from 5' to 15' 4".

How do you want to use your canopy? What kind of structure do you need to build? Call our experts during our online service hours, and they will be happy to help tell you what you need to build an incredibly strong frame for it.

Fittings Listed Size ID Of Fitting Connector OD Of Pipe
3/4" Connectors: For use with 3/4" EMT Conduit poles 1 inch .922 inch
1" Connectors: For use with 1" EMT Conduit poles 1 3/16 inch 1 1/8 inch
1 3/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing 1 3/8 inch 1 5/16 inch
1 5/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing 1 3/4 inch 1 11/16 inch
1 7/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing 1 15/16 inch 1 7/8 inch
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