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Canopy Tents

Our standard canopies are great shelters for use during special occasions or just for relaxing outside in your backyard. Our canopies are made using galvanized steel construction for durability and high-quality polyethylene tarps for the canopies top cover. PTM offers a fine selection of canopies available in flat and peaked styles in many sizes and colors. Our high-peak, valence top canopies feature a classic A-shaped style canopy frame, and they are great for outside gatherings and events.

They offer plenty of shelter and shade, while allowing your guests to still get the benefits of fresh air. Their folded shape is excellent for providing the maximum sun coverage possible from a canopy. We have plenty of sizes and colors available to suit your needs. Our reinforced high-peak canopies, as the name suggests, are classic A-shaped style canopies with many bar braces for extra support. Use our reinforced canopies during the times where an extra strength is needed for stability against high wind, rain or snow. You may want to consider this PTM canopy as a good option of more long term needs, like the storage of cars and boats. PTM medium and low peak canopies feature less dramatic A-shaped style canopies to fit people's different tastes and needs. They are great for usage inside swap meets, street fairs, farmers' markets and other occasions. If an extra two feet for a frame height might be a problem, shop our flat style canopies. These canopies look elegant and they are great for most outdoor market spaces. Browse PTM boxed kit canopies for great deals on canopy kits. These are our bestseller canopies packaged in a matching box and offered at great prices. They are a great buy with you're working on a budget and need something that's super quick and easy to put up and take down.

Our standard canopies are offered with an option for standard poly tarp, mesh tarp or fire retardant tarp for the top cover, available in various colors. If you prefer valance canopies, they are offered in white, tan, and silver. Regardless of the canopy you get, we guarantee you great quality and prices.

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