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Carnival Fittings


Build a strong, durable frame for a canopy or party tent with carnival fittings from PTM Tarps.

We are incredibly proud of the quality that our tarps have. With the right frames, our tarps make outstanding canopies and tents that can be used for a wide variety of events:

• Offer protection and shade for food during parties.

• Create a portable shop for your business during an annual festival or gathering.

• Make a portable shelter for use in a wedding or other important ceremony.

• Build a structure to protect important equipment or supplies from the elements.

• Put up a cooling station to help attendees beat the heat during an outdoor event.

When building that pipe-style canopy, rely on our carnival fittings to make a frame that offers incredible support and structure. We carry a range of fittings so that you can build whatever sort of canopy you envision.

Think of them like Tinkertoys for event organizers - made from galvanized steel and featuring welded connectors and eyebolts, they will let you connect canopy pipes in a variety of ways and sizes, from a small 10' x 10' space to an impressive 24' x 24'. From a simple, three-way fitting to an impressive eight-way center fitting, you are limited only by your ingenuity and creativity.

They are sold by individual pieces, so you can get exactly what you need without having to buy in bulk, leading to a bunch of spares taking up space in your garage.

What kind of event do you have in mind? What would you like to offer under that tent? Contact us today, and we'll be happy to help you find the fittings that will help you complete your plan. Since 1979 we have helped property owners, businesses and event organizers by supplying high-quality tarps and carnival fittings, and we can't wait to do the same for you.

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