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Construction & Truck Tarps

PTM's construction tarps are made of high grade, 12 mil polyethylene. These tarps are water and weather-resistant and provide 100 percent UV protection. Rope reinforced edges and corners allow our tarps to be used for heavy duty purposes because they are super tear-resistant. Our construction tarps provide protection and eliminate wind from coming in and blowing around construction materials. They are available in various sizes to accommodate any industrial and commercial projects. With options in poly and mesh construction tarps, in various colors and sizes, you are guaranteed to find the right one to fit your construction.

Construction sites often have unsafe areas that are generally out of limits. Our barrier safety fence tarps, which are available in bright green and orange, are ideal for quickly erecting highly visible barriers for sectioning off dangerous areas to keep people out.

For work sites, back gardens and private areas you're like to keep out of sight of prying eyes, use one of our privacy fence construction tarps. They are lightweight, easy to put up and highly durable. They'll protect your workers from strong winds and stop anyone from wandering in uninvited.

Our black and green mesh construction tarps can protect your foundation and keep debris from exiting the area, while simultaneously allowing sunlight into the work site for visibility. Poly construction tarps come in larger sizes to accommodate virtually any project. They are available in silver, clear, white and blue.

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