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High Peak Fittings 120° Angle

PTM carries everything you need to repurpose and restore your high peak canopy, including end, side and corner canopy fittings. High peak canopies are essential for any outdoor environment and can be used for flea markets, sports games, picnics, outdoor events and tons of other situations where you need a protective shield against the elements. Their pronounced peaks and sharply sloped roofs make them ideal for redirecting rain, snow and sleet. Our high peak top replacement parts are forged from incredibly durable galvanized steel and feature welded ends for extra reinforcement plus eye bolts that add security and stability.

Our high peak fittings connect side and top poles at 120-degree angles and also come in side and end canopy fitting connections. Instead of disposing of your entire outdoor shelter when it has experienced a high level of wear and tear, you can find the precise fitting replacement parts in our vast selection. Tube diameters range from 3/4-inch to 1 7/8-inch and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for high peak canopy corner fittings, high peak canopy end fittings or high peak canopy side fittings, we surely carry the exact piece and part you need to get your outdoor shelter in action again.

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