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Low Peak Fittings 102° Angle

Whether you’re dreaming of designing your own low peak canopy or you need to find replacement parts for your pre-designed low peak canopy, our inventory of low peak canopy fittings is sure to include exactly what you need. A low peak canopy makes an ideal rain cover for flea markets, yard sales, sports games and any other outdoor event that requires weatherproof shelter due to the slope of the roof.

Our canopies are made of high-grade galvanized steel and reinforced welded corners. The canopy replacement parts are built for long-lasting performance and a fully secure, stabilized fit. Each canopy part has been fashioned with steel eye bolts for added firmness and dependability. Welded connections enhance the strength of each fitting, which can hold three or four poles in place at a 102-degree angle.

PTM offers everything you need to fix up your old low peak canopy, including low peak corner fittings, low peak top fittings, low peak end fittings and low peak side fittings. Each canopy fitting is available in a wide range of sizes and our selection includes the following pieces and parts: 3/4-inch low peak corner fittings, 1-inch low peak fittings, 1 3/8 inch low peak fittings and 1 5/8-inch low peak fittings. Each size can be ordered for your corner, top, end or side fitting.
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