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Orange Heavy-Duty Tarps

Orange tarps by PTM are made of heavy-duty polyethylene laminated and treated for waterproofing, rot-proofing, and UV-protection. Our orange tarps are classified as heavy-duty due to its dense 12x14 mesh (weave) count and 12mil thickness, 6oz. per sq. yard weight, rope reinforced edges and corners, and use of heavy-duty rust resistant aluminum grommets spaced every 18” along all four sides of each tarp. Aside from being used as top covers for canopy frame structures, our tarps are also commonly used to cover leaky rooftops, as dust covers to ensure that valuables don’t get wet or dusty in storage, and ground cover to keep whatever else above it dry.

In construction and roadwork, the color orange is universally recognized to indicate safety. Orange tends to draw immediate attention to an object or location and helps create a safer work or recreational environment. You can use our heavy-duty orange tarps to designate objects or areas to avoid or bring attention to.

*Note: ALL tarps are 4-6” shorter by length and width than the stated cut size.

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