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Other Tarp Accessories

We're pretty proud of our tarps. Since 1979, we've worked to create some of the industry's strongest, most durable tarps for the best protection from the elements. But we know that the fasteners, tie-downs, frames and other accessories for a tarp need to be just as high-quality in order to get the most protection possible.

That's why we offer tarp accessories that will help you get the most use out of our poly tarps or specialty tarps. From our galvanized steel canopy fittings to our ball bungee ties, we put an emphasis on quality.

These tarp accessories will help you get more life out of your tarp:

  • Tarp clips give you a way to attach a tarp securely to a surface or anchor that can't be traditionally looped. These clips also offer an easy way to stretch out a tarp for repair projects.
  • Cable ties are surpassed only by duct tape in versatility. We offer cable ties in two colors and two sizes. These cable ties are a good solution for a canopy or tarp that you plan to have in place for an extended period of time.
  • A small point of damage doesn't have to send your entire tarp to the trash. Our tarp repair kit lets you install a fresh washer grommet anywhere on the tarp that you need. This kit enables some creative grommet placements for non-typical installation solutions.

PTM Tarps has everything you need to get the most life out of your tarp. With our canopy fittings, you can build a frame to create a variety of structures that offer shelter and protection from the elements.

What kind of needs do you have? Contact our experts and tell them about your situation. They'll guide you to the perfect accessories that will give your tarp a perfect, custom fit.

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