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Plastic Bags

Artists, crafters, farmers and many other types of entrepreneur artisans know that storefronts aren't always made from brick and mortar. All across the country, farmers markets, flea markets, swap meets, arts festivals and community-based street carnivals feature large numbers of small business owners plying their trade, showing their work and making a living for themselves.

At PTM Tarps, we're proud to be a part of so many success stories. Our canopies and party tents have sheltered many types of business ventures and helped people take control of their future with their handiwork, hard work or combination of both.

If you have products to sell, you'll want to make things easy on your customers by offering shopping bags. At our store in Paramount, California, we have several different bags you can choose from (these bags are not available for purchase online):

  • Our produce bags are perfect for farmers or gardeners with homegrown goods to sell. These clear bags are similar to what are offered in the produce section of grocery stores. Leave rolls out for your customers to gather self-serve items, or assist your customers by bagging their choices.
  • Our shopping bags come in white and black colors, and a variety of sizes. Equipped with handles, your customers will be able to carry plenty of your products after purchase. Reused bags can have holes or be more susceptible to tears, so make sure your customers leave your booth with a fresh bag.

Both varieties are durable and economical, leaving your customers with a professional presentation that will help them remember you. These shopping bags aren't the only supplies we make available for people running events. Call our staff of experts today, and we'll help you fill out a list of crucial supplies that vendors will want to have handy during their next event.

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