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Poly Tarps

PTMTarps.com carries a huge variety of tarps and specializes on polyethylene tarps also known as “poly tarps”. Polyethylene is one of the strongest yet most commonly used material in the world. Some key benefits of polyethylene tarps are the qualities of it being very strong, lightweight, and very flexible which makes it the best fit for a temporary roof, industrial or casual coverings and much more. Our poly tarp styles include valance, heavy-duty, super heavy-duty, mesh shade, fire-retardant, and economy. 

Here at PTMTarps.com we not only carry various styles of poly tarps, but also many different sizes. The many sizes are available ranging from 5’ X 7’ for those routine back yard or outdoors projects, to 170’ X 170’ to accommodate big industrial or commercial applications. We offer many sizes in between these two ends to handle just about any use you can imagine. Please note that all tarps are 4 to 6 inches shorter in length and width than the stated cut size.

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