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Slope Fittings 78° Angle

Our selection of steel canopy slope fittings is designed to help you bring your sloped outdoor canopy back to life. These roof portion fittings make ideal replacement parts when your canopy shelter has experienced extreme wear and tear. Specially designed for outdoor shelters with 102-degree angled roofs, slope fittings cover peak, corner and center connections for three, four or five poles. Sloped canopies make superior trailer, motor home, automobile and animal shelters thanks to their up- or down-sloped roof configurations that keep your items protected from the elements. Galvanized steel pieces with reinforced welded connections offer extra strength and stability while eye bolts on each prong hold all parts in place. Don’t go through another season without your sloped roof canopy, as our selection of replacement parts is designed to keep it in action year-round.

All of our steel pieces and parts make excellent fittings for a shed slope canopy or any outdoor shelter with a slightly graduated roof. With sizes including 3/4-inch slope canopy fittings, 1-inch slope canopy fittings, 1 3/8-inch slope canopy fittings and 1 5/8 inch slope canopy fittings, you’re sure to find the precise fit in our inventory. Each size comes in a wide range of unique configurations, including three-way peak fittings, canopy four-way peak fittings and even five-way peak fittings. See our detailed diagram to figure out which exact piece you need to replace.

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