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Standard Top Covers

Nothing commands attention during an outdoor event like a tent. It marks an epicenter or focal point: Participants in your event are likely going to be very interested in what's under it.

Our standard top covers, when combined with a frame made out of our canopy fittings (sold separately), are an outstanding, low-cost option compared to a flimsy, crinkled canvas tent hooked onto an awkward accordion frame. Made to be much more durable and weather resistant, our canopies provide excellent shelter for a number of different uses.

Our PTM Tarps standard top covers are made out of polyethylene and have been heat-sealed and laminated with a rope-reinforced edge for enduring harsh weather, from wind gusts to rain storms. Metal grommets are spaced every 18 inches, and the cover guards are reinforced for better pull resistance.

These canopy replacement covers are waterproof and UV-resistant, and available in a variety of sizes, from as small as 10' x 12' to as big as 30' x 50'. You'll also get your pick of colors with green, red, orange, yellow, silver, white, desert and medium-duty camouflage options.

  • Made from 6-ounce-per-square-yard polyethylene.
  • Heat-sealed, laminated and equipped with rope-reinforced edge.
  • Available in eight colors: Green, red, orange, yellow, silver, white, desert and medium-duty camouflage.
  • Sizes range from 10' x 12' to 30' x 50'.
  • Grommets spaced every 18 inches and reinforced corner guards allow for easy frame attachment.

What kind of event do you have in mind? From a family reunion to a swap meet, from a wedding to a fundraising benefit, our replacement canopy frames will earn their keep many times over. Call one of our experts during our online service hours, and we'll answer all the questions you have about how a canopy can help you. Since 1979, we've helped make events better with high-quality, weather-resistant tarps and canopies.

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