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Table Legs

Event planners and outdoor organizers know the value of a good outdoor table. In fact, they get attached: Finding a sturdy, strong yet weather-resistant and transportable table is not easy to find, so when you get a good one, you hang on to it.

PTM Tarps knows how valuable those tables are. That's why, at our Paramount showroom, we offer a selection of replacement table legs.

Available in five different sizes, these heavy-duty table legs let you keep a damaged outdoor table in service. Made from heavy-duty metal, they offer long-lasting strength and durability. Each leg comes with a sleek chrome finish that blends with any color or texture.

But these legs don't have to be just for tables:

  • Use them as a base for a shelf system.
  • Build your own table from scratch, using these legs as the base.
  • Give additional support to horizontal objects.
  • Use as a lightweight, portable workhorse for event preparation or other odd jobs.
  • They come in handy for presenting hanged merchandise such as planters or hangers.

What kind of projects do you have in mind? Contact our staff of experts during our online service hours, and we'll give you some pointers and tips for how these high-quality, super-strong table legs can get work done for you. (Table legs are for sale only in our Paramount showroom; they are not available online.)

You have big things planned for your canopy or party tent from PTM Tarps, and our table legs can be part of that success story. Since 1979, we've helped customers find superior solutions for offering shelter and comfort. We can't to show you exactly how we've earned our reputation for excellent customer service.

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