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Tarp Tie-Downs

Tarp tie-downs are small but important pieces of equipment when you're using tarps. Tarps and tie-downs go together like bacon and eggs. A tarp won't stay attached to a frame or what it's covering, be it a barbecue, motorcycle, car or something else, unless you properly secure it with a tie-down. At PTM Tarps, we carry a variety of tarp die-downs so you can find exactly what you need to tie down your tarp easily and securely.

Made from heavy-duty elastic rubber, our tarp tie-downs come with hooks at both ends for hooking on to frames, grommets or wherever else you want to attach your tarp. We offer these tie-downs in many colors, styles and sizes so you can find exactly what suits your needs, taste and budget. Available colors include solid black or solid white as well as white with blue stripes and black with orange stripes, both of which offer a nice contrast.

We offer these tie-downs in lengths running from 18 inches to 72 inches, with many intermediate lengths available, so you can find the tie-down that most closely fits your tarp set-up. At PTM Tarps, you also get to choose between light-duty tie-downs and heavy-duty tie-downs. If you have a light-duty job - for instance, tying down a tarp over a cord of firewood in a protected area - you can save money by buying only the light-duty tie-downs you need for your project. For applications where wind will be a problem or other stresses and strains will be likely, our heavy-duty tie-downs will give you extra protection and insurance.

We offer these dependable, versatile tie-downs in packages of a dozen at remarkably low prices with fast shipping right to your door. If you have questions about the tie-downs we offer or how to use them with your tarps, just call us toll free or email us for helpful answers that will save you time, hassles and money.

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