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Tent Stakes

Our tent stakes at PTM are available in regular and auger anchor styles. Sturdy regular metal stakes will secure your canopies to footpads. Auger tent stakes can be hammered into the ground. Both styles have reinforced eyebolts to attach the stake to your tarp or canopy with rope. Auger stakes with eye hooks are a smart choice for pitching a tent or canopy in an area with sand or loose soil. We carry strong multi-purpose nylon rope available in 50-foot and 100-foot lengths.

Our canopy stake sizes range from 10 inches to 31 inches in length. If you're unsure what size to buy, contact our expert staff at our California headquarters. We've been assisting individual, retail, wholesale and industry customers with our tarps, canopies and tents and accessories since 1979. Shop our collection of sturdy footpads to secure your canopy outdoors for recreational, civic or business uses.

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