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White Heavy-Duty Tarps

For the ultimate in outdoor protection, a super heavy-duty white tarp from PTM Tarps is made to provide the maximum in waterproof coverage from the elements. You will get the best durability form a three-ply poly material. For strength, the material is 12 mil thick and 6 ounces per square yard. For added protection, it has a 12X14 mesh weave count. The white color also provides enhanced reflectiveness to make it a perfect canopy, providing additional cooling.

The super heavy-duty white tarp is designed for superior durability with aluminum grommets that are spaced about 18 inches apart. You will have plenty of tie-down options. In addition to being waterproof, the tarp is resistant to mold and mildew. It offers 100% protection to the harmful UV rays of the sun. The white tarp is designed to remain flexible in arctic temperatures and is resistant to acid and tearing. For added strength, the corners and sides of the super heavy-duty white tarps also are reinforced.

Regardless of the weather conditions, a super heavy-duty white tarp from PTM Tarps will give you peace of mind as you protect your valuables from the harsh elements. The white tarps are available in an extensive range of sizes at PTM Tarps' everyday discount prices. These super heavy-duty tarps are perfect for covering your car, boat, RV or other valuables. They also can serve as the perfect camping tarp, providing shelter and protection from wind, rain and snow. Order several tarps to always have some on hand when you need them.

It is important to note that all tarps are 4" to 6" shorter than the stated cut size. Visit our website for ordering and shipping information. You also can contact our customer service personnel at our headquarters if you have questions about sizing or other issues. PTM Tarps features a staff that has more than 35 years of experience and can answer almost any question about tarps and canopies.

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